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St Luke’s site visit – Sunday 1 June

Now that planning permission for the St Luke’s project has been confirmed and the construction work is out for tender, the site will soon see a great deal of preparatory activity.  Cohousing Woodside takes advantage of these last months of quiet and has organised a site visit meeting for all those interested in joining us.

This meeting will be on Sunday 1 June, starting earlier than usual at 4pm.

Gather at the Woodside Avenue entrance by Symmonds House at 3.55pm and we shall take everyone on a guided tour to the cohousing site.  With luck we shall have access to the ‘secret garden’ and some parts of the site currently denied to the public.

Sunday 1 June happens to be the day of the Big Lunch, a nationwide event aiming to get neighbours together in a simple act of community and fun.  Our session is not timed for the midday lunch, more the 4pm high tea.  Bring a chair each, finger food and juices to share.  When we pause for our ‘picnic’ visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about our progress on growing the cohousing community in Muswell Hill.

Undeterred by weather

Woodside Avenue (Symmonds Houseentrance)

St Luke’s mental hospital, London N10 3HU   4 – 5.30pm