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Diana Leafe Christian, Creating a life together (New Society Publishers, Canada, 2003)

Leafing through this book we came across the following list for ‘Organizing your group’. Just the headings are listed here but they offer a helpful blueprint. The book itself is well worth reading. Diana Leafe Christian will be the keynote speaker at the UK Cohousing Network AGM 18 May at the Threshold Centre.


  •  Decide how often you’ll meet
  • Choose a decision-making method; decide how you will run meetings
  • Decide on some general principles for your community (location, lifestyle, financial set up)
  • Choose a preliminary financial model
  • Work out a preliminary timeline
  • Create a decision log
  • Agree on criteria for group membership
  • Identify your vision and create your vision documents – one of your first major tasks as a group
  • Keep accurate financial records
  • Begin writing community policies and agreements
  • Help each other stay accountable
  • Establish guidelines for group process
  • Identify goals, record and celebrate your progress

Here is another handy checklist for  Selecting people to join you on page 220


  1. Someone who doesn’t ‘need’ it.
  2. Someone with a healthy sense of self
  3. Someone who is open to and able to hear other points of view
  4. Someone with a sense of connectedness to people and an interest in the well-being of others
  5. Someone willing to abide by group agreements
  6. Someone willing to speak up
  7. Someone willing to be quiet and listen