In July 2011 a group of local residents heard about the forthcoming sale of St Lukes hospital and formed North London Sustainable Housing Partnership (NLSHP) to provide a community voice on the future of the site.

The group became increasingly focused on the promotion of cohousing as part of the site’s future. In the Autumn of 2011 it began discussions with Hanover Housing Association, a leading specialist provider of high quality retirement housing and related services for older people. Hanover eventually made a successful bid for the site, referencing its relationship with NLSHP in its proposal.

As a consequence of NLSHP’s developing partnership with Hanover, cohousing on the St Lukes site would be oriented towards older people. Members of NLSHP who wanted to work with this opportunity created Cohousing Woodside as a new group and registered a separate company in April 2012.