A report by Maria Brenton

A Guardian Live panel debate at the National Theatre recently brought together politicians, journalists and housing experts to discuss the state of London and the ever growing focus on housing as an investment asset.

Campbell Robb (CEO, Shelter) citing a member of the audience (a member of the Older Women’s Cohousing group) who has set up a small housing co-operative in her community,  said everyone should follow her example. “Work with others in your communities.   Make where you live a better place and make it happen by getting angry about it because if we get angry about it we can make it change.”

David Lammy MP warned that the capital is in danger of creating ‘Paris ghettoes’ with an outer suburb that is increasingly poor, over-crowded and depressed.   Yolande Barnes, Savills’ Director of World Research (who knew?) commented on London’s failure to urbanise the suburbs and ‘build the new London that generation Y want to live in’.