Cohousing immersion evening

We welcomed Melanie Nock from the Community Project, Sussex, at our end-of year party in December. This was well-attended – by members of forming groups in London and individuals interested in finding out more about cohousing.

Melanie gave an account of how this pioneering Community Project started, with a small group of young professionals with kids who responded to an ad in the Guardian nearly 20 years ago. Some salutary lessons emerged  – while you can aim for the blue sky, what you end up with is what you can afford.  Throughout the fifteen years or so that the community has been settled, change and turnover have been dominant themes, and flexibility on the part of the community an absolute necessity.  Still a vibrant and successful scheme, the Community Project offers a positive case-study for other would-be cohousers. Melanie had to get back home to feed the horses the next morning – that won’t be an issue at Cohousing Woodside!

Our next group meeting will be on January 19. See ‘Contact us’ for details.