New venue, new programme

We had our first meeting in a new venue in Hornsey on September 8. It turns out to be an excellent place to meet, eat and socialize and we will hold our October, November and December meetings there too.  Our next meeting, October 6, is one that we are encouraging visitors to make a special point of attending, now that the holiday season is over. We will be showing a film on cohousing experience in other countries for a discussion about its relevance to our own cohousing project.

Getting the benefits of cohousing

We have a valuable window of opportunity in the coming months before planning permission is granted to expand our numbers and develop the group more effectively. Early members will benefit from Hanover’s 10% discount or 15% retained equity offer. After a certain point, this will not be available.

Becoming a regular participant in the group meetings is not just a matter of ticking boxes – the whole point of cohousing is that everyone takes part in shaping the group’s way of life, agreeing policies and making important decisions that will have a bearing on the community experience for everyone. If we are all seeking the same thing – a friendly, neighbourly environment on a lovely site – putting October 6, November 17 and December 15 into your diaries is a must.


The summer has been quiet on the St Luke’s front. We can now report that a further meeting between Hanover and the Council has taken place since planning permission was refused.  This was positive and amicable and both sides are revisiting the proposals. Hanover is potentially looking at a revised planning application in the late Autumn. This will be progressed by an acting chief executive, Rona Nicholson, as Bruce Moore, Hanover CEO, left the organisation as scheduled in early September. As far as we know, Bruce’s successor, Dame Clare Tickell, (for her twitter, see @ClareTickell) will take up post by the end of the year.  According to the Hanover website, she was voted ‘most admired chief executive’ in 2009 by Third Sector magazine.

Bruce promoted the concept of senior cohousing in Hanover and we hope Clare will be equally enthusiastic. At its July meeting, Hanover’s Board expressed its formal support for continuing the Cohousing Woodside development, among other cohousing schemes.