“GETTING REAL about cohousing” 30 June

Plans for our next monthly Friends and Visitors meeting were unveiled and warmly received last night.  Our June session will consist of a regular meeting in the morning, followed by a half day facilitated workshop to explore the practicalities of cohousing living.

Cohousing Woodside open meeting    10.30am – 12noon

Lunch and networking    12noon – 1pm  (Bring a dish of food to share)

GETTING REAL about cohousing    1.00 – 4.30pm

This workshop will explore the practical challenges facing cohousing communities and highlight ways forward for the Woodsiders

Our workshop is open to Development Members, Friends and Visitors. Commitment is required.  Just email membershipsecretary@cohousingwoodside.co.uk to book a place and for details of the North London venue.

Token contribution to venue hire is £3 per head

Looking forward to another invigorating meeting