Great to see such close alignment between Hanover, Savills, and Cohousing Woodside!

In its publicity for the Hanover development, Savills writes:

“The acquisition, which followed an open market tender, was inspired by the North London Sustainable Housing Partnership, a co-housing group of local residents who have come together to find a housing opportunity where they can live in a mutually supportive community.”

It’s nice to be recognised as having inspired the development. Savills goes on to describe the plans for the site as providing “A new opportunity for down-sizers” and to ask:

Want to stay in Muswell Hill but have never found anywhere that meets your needs?

Want to stay in the area where you brought up your children and where most of your friends live?

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s like something that we said in February, when our blog said that we were:

“…really excited that Hanover’s bid has been successful. It has shown itself to be a really forward-looking organisation, and one that is seriously committed to working with local people rather than just developing the site for a quick profit. We think that a cohousing project is just what the area, and the local housing market, needs – an opportunity for local people who don’t need their family houses any more to stay in the neighbourhood where they have built up friendships and stable links.”